The largest community of local African experts

  • Key to your success in any African jurisdiction is having access to a broad network of local experts who bring their best practices and lessons learned to your table. Part of the Afriwise platform is dedicated entirely to this: giving you direct and instant access to the finest in-country legal experts, who have not only been vetted, but who have also signed up to the Afriwise anti-corruption policy.

    We have found that businesses planning to expand to new African countries struggle to find local legal talent. In many instances, they default to instructing large international law firms. This not only casts out local talent but is often very costly and ineffective. Large international law firms may lack on-the-ground presence and be unaware of local customs. That’s why we started the Afriwise community, a network of local African experts, years ago. Now Afriwise offers an innovative online solution to give businesses the opportunity to easily identify and source vetted local legal expertise across the continent. This is available at a mere $15 per month for access to all of Afriwise’s experts in a country.

    We continuously map the local legal community in African countries to give you access to the largest online community of lawyers in Africa. While we only feature business lawyers with a recognised practice and industry expertise, we don’t limit ourself to the “usual suspects”, but also identify upcoming lawyers and niche specialists. For example, today we are happy to count Joy Hadji Alliy among our community of local legal experts. Joy used to practice at some of the largest firms in Tanzania and now runs her own practice, Novita Law. Joy is also a contributor to the legal information part of the Afriwise platform. Interested in how we work together with our contributors? Click here.

    If you’re active in Africa or looking to expand to new African jurisdictions, a cautious approach to an unknown list of contacts is natural. However, you can confidently rely on the information on the Afriwise platform, as we perform due diligence on the professional standing and integrity of our local experts, which is monitored on a daily basis. Subscribers have access to a detailed profile of each lawyer, which includes valuable information such as client relations, public positions and more. Each lawyer who appears on the Afriwise platform also signs our terms and conditions, including our anti-corruption compliance policy.

    Knowing that you’re dealing with trustworthy local counsel is only the first step. Next, is finding the right lawyer for your specific needs. At Afriwise, we firmly believe that key to the success of any African business venture is the ability to find the right local expert to turn the legal information into knowledge for running a wise business. The Afriwise platform therefore allows you to filter profiles by practice area and sector expertise. It further encourages you to test your findings: request an introduction to one or several lawyers, compare different profiles or ask for multiple fee quotes.

    The Afriwise team has combined legal experience of over 50 years in Africa and members of the team have provided legal advice relating to more than 40 African countries. Needless to say, we are well equipped to map local legal environments in Africa.

    Besides giving you direct access to vetted local counsel, Afriwise offers a unique combination of practical guidance, legislation, legal alerts, time-saving tools, market information, news and business intelligence.

    Are you a local expert or do you want a quick 10-minute demo? Or would you like to see the Afriwise platform for yourself? Contact us here!