What are the benefits of the Afriwise platform?


Unless you get your local legal advice for free, you can’t get the information you need any cheaper than through the business model of pooling resources for the benefit of multiple subscribers. For a basic subscription, you have access to all the information you need about a country, produced and frequently maintained by leading local counsel, together with a top editorial team, composed of senior lawyers who have experience practising in Africa.


The information is available online and is accessible 24/7, as and when you need it. As you know, with local counsel being extremely busy, it sometimes takes a while to get a response and there are different time zones to take into account.


Useful tools allow you to find the information you need easily and more efficiently. These include the powerful search engine, and the ability to bookmark important questions and answers, make reports based on key labels (such as directors’ duties and liability), and create comparisons across countries. More tools are in the pipeline, such as export comparisons between countries, suggest new experts, dynamic country insights, build your own reports.


Be notified about proposed and upcoming changes on a regular basis. Working with local counsel is often in response to a specific need, but is seldom used to keep up to date about upcoming changes. We offer a proactive solution.

Create new relations

Next to the knowledge part, the platform also identifies and vets the top legal experts in each country, with all direct contact details included. Although personal relationships are important, you might be surprised to discover some of the new lawyers on the market. It’s important to understand how the local legal landscape evolves as well.