Deloitte Africa and Afriwise announce new publishing collaboration

  • A collaboration which will result in key tax information being added to Afriwise’s existing legal and regulatory content relating to countries in Africa

    13 October 2021 - Afriwise, the leading legal-information platform, and Deloitte Africa, a professional services firm, have announced a collaboration to make tax content about African jurisdictions available to companies and professionals operating in Africa.

    Starting immediately, Afriwise will publish on its subscription-based platform up-to-date tax information about African countries. Deloitte will provide and maintain the content while Afriwise will provide the technology.

    Tax compliance is a challenging and critical area for companies expanding into foreign markets. In Africa, the timing of this collaboration is important. Many governments are exploring new ways to generate tax revenues while also promoting investment through tax incentives in flourishing sectors such as FinTech and export-orientated manufacturing. As new regulations are rolled out, organisations are ever more exposed to rapidly changing laws and new complexities, as governments are clamping down on non-compliance.

    Against this backdrop, Afriwise and Deloitte are now collaborating to present timely and authoritative tax information about African jurisdictions, as well as offer innovative solutions to deliver value to clients

    “We have seen a proliferation of changes in tax regulations across Africa that impact businesses active on the continent. With each country having its own nuances and complexities, remaining on top of changes can be challenging. We are very excited to be able to tap into Deloitte’s leading tax experts across the continent to bring up-to-date tax information and practical guidance to our customers. The integration of tax and legal materials is increasingly critical in the current regulatory environment, and Afriwise now offers curated content for both areas integrated in one research platform. Our aim is to drive simplicity for multinationals active on the African continent, by continually expanding our content offering and solutions through collaboration with credible in-country experts,” said Afriwise CEO Steven De Backer.

    “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Afriwise to add tax content to Afriwise’s already well-established and regarded platform of legal and regulatory content,” said Delia Ndlovu, Deloitte Africa Tax & Legal Managing Director. Ndlovu further commented, “Combining tax, legal and regulatory content onto one online platform will assist businesses in both navigating uncertainty and simplifying the complex, as they will be able to find the latest information in a central place.”

    “Tax authorities are becoming more vigilant and increasing their level of sophistication in terms of enforcing compliance, broadening the tax base and overhauling infrastructure in order to have a single view of the taxpayer. As tax authorities become more vigilant, we see more and more financial losses from non-compliance. Helping businesses keep abreast with a rapidly changing tax landscape has arguably never been more important,” Ndlovu added.

    “Our presence across Africa enables us to combine our in-country tax insights, expertise and experience to deliver tangible value to our clients,” says Ndlovu, who also notes that access to leading experts with tax technical as well as local and global knowledge, combined with Afriwise’s technology, will allow the collaboration to reach more businesses with critical tax information.