The Afriwise offering

Afriwise is an online solution offering you practical, comprehensive and up-to-date legal, compliance and risk-related content about the African countries you are active in.

Afriwise offers you control over your own research, giving you immediate direction on a wide variety of subjects. Practical guidance, monitoring tools, legislation, comparison tools and profiles of vetted legal experts are all in one place and easily accessible. And when in need of further clarification, we’ll dig deeper for you.

Start on point!

Our easy to use wiki-like library helps you to roadmap your questions and helps you find concise answers and guidance to ensure you are on the right track.
And it’s available 24/7, isn’t that great?

Save time

Get straight to the answer with all relevant information in one place, including the applicable laws and regulations, which are there for you to download.

Choose from 20 categories

Offering you 20 different categories to chose from, Afriwise is the most extensive practical law solution ever maintained on the African continent.

Stay informed

Monitor upcoming reforms, access and download bills and get automatic alerts in your inbox when legal changes take place.

Share information

Download practical guidance per topic and share it with your colleagues.

Dig deeper

If something is not clear or you have a question that is not covered, we’ll dig deeper for you and upload the answer.

Consult the experts

Get access to curated profiles of vetted legal experts in each country, which you can contact directly.