Angolan legal research goes online

Afriwise announced the launch of its Angolan chapter – Angola’s first online legal research service. It is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind product that gives companies and legal professionals a full view of Angolan legal information and promises to dramatically increase productivity for legal counsel with responsibilities for Angola.

Afriwise combines state-of-the art technology with high-quality legal content and intimate legal and risk-related market knowledge about Angola.

Angola is the latest addition to Afriwise's quickly expanding offering, making it now easier than ever before to land in Angola.

You can now find detailed guidance, tips, legislation, tools, news and analysis on Angola as well as profiles of Angolan experts in one place. Get the answers you need, quickly and easily. Find out how to set up a business, sign enforceable contracts, employ people, get licenses, participate in tenders and much, much more.

Afriwise has partnered with leading law firms advising on Angola such as MC Jurist, FBL Advogados, AVM Advogados, Vieira de Almeida and ALC Advogados to develop and maintain the product. “We are well positioned to serve this important market with next-generation tools that meet the needs of business and legal professionals in the country" said Steven De Backer, chief executive officer of Afriwise.

Kim Hawkey, managing editor of Afriwise, highlighted the fact that legal systems around the world, including in Africa, are becoming increasingly complex. “There is exponential growth in the number of laws, judgments and opinions, and only with the most advanced technology can one access a panoramic view of the applicable legal frameworks,” she said.