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    DRC adopts a "Roadmap" of 80 business climate reforms...

    On June 5th, 2020, the Council of Ministers, chaired by President Felix Tshisekedi, adopted a "Roadmap" ("Feuille de route") of 80 reforms related to boosting DRC's business climate. The DRC currently ranks 183rd out of 190 economies in the world according to World Bank's Doing Business 2020 ranking.

    The "Roadmap" provides for the implementation of 13 short-term reforms, 25 medium-term reforms, and 42 reforms to the general business environment in the DRC.

    Additionally, the "Roadmap" lays out a matrix establishing the contemplated reforms, their impact, the actions required to such end, the responsible authorities, the stakeholders, the required legal framework to be implemented, as well as estimated deadlines and progress assessment.

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